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Domestic Issues

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Issues' fourth instalment is dedicated to domestic issues: domestication, immigration, refugees, architecture, home decor, homelessness, feeling at home, renovations, construction, destruction, Bauhaus, Art-Deco, home-owners, home-wreckers, pets, close to home, species of spaces and other pieces, penthouses, shared-houses, four walls, dry walls, flatmates, tiles, cracks, squats, moving in, moving out.

Hila Shamir / Inbar Luisa Algazi / Alex Butz / Re'ee Hagai / Itai Raveh / Yoni Zabari / Rotem Bix / Sami Alwani / Dima Korma / Adrienne Matheuszik / Noam Noy / Karo Castro-Wunsch / Simon Aubor / Coco Guzman / Tamar Yadin / Andrew Classen / Lorena Marchesin / Raz Shraga / Kristi Poole